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Valorant is a team-based tactical shooter. Valorant brings exceptionally crafted gameplay with a close similar shooting mechanic to CSGO with more additional technical ability. Although you will find a great time trying to master what each agent has to offer through contracts. The amount of content that the Valorant team continues to drop never fails to impress, keeping things fresh and fun. But, sometimes, they fail to provide smooth gameplay. Yes, most of the time, games are suffering from many server-related issues as many players are playing the game simultaneously and overload the servers. 

This time, players face a server timeout error while playing with their online friends and get an error message that says something unusual happened and tossed out the match. Well, this is look to be quite frustrating. But, now, no more worry! Here we provide you some easy and practical solutions to fix this timeout error.

How to Fix Valorant Timeout Error Message Something Unusual Happened

These days FPS drop, lag, stuttering, crashing, etc., issues are common. But, the server issues are the most frustrating ones because you can’t even play or even launch the game due to this error. However, the server timeout error is the most unusual error that really needs to be fixed. So, if you are facing this too. Follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below to fix the Valorant timeout error:

Solution 1: Disable windows defender 

Disabling the windows defender is the best option to fix this timeout error. However, we can do so by going to our desktop. On desktop, simply go to the start menu and look for windows security. Next, click on the Windows security app. Then, head towards the virus and threat protection. Simply scroll down until you see this virus and threat protection setting. Then, click on the manage settings and toggle the button to the off position located in front of real-time protection. This will temporarily disable windows security on your windows. 

However, once done with this, you can go ahead and close the window. That’s it. Now, go ahead and try launching Valorant, and hopefully, that would fix that particular issue. But, if that didn’t work, follow the next potential fix.

Solution 2: Change the DNS server 

If the above fix doesn’t work for you. Then, once again, go back to your desktop. Now, simply go to the taskbar and right-click on the network icon on your computer. Then, you must be able to see the open networks in internet settings. Click on that particular option and then go ahead and click on this change adapter option. Then, right-click your particular adapter and click on the properties.

That’s it. Now, simply go to the internet protocol version 4 and click on the properties once more. Then, change the DNS server addresses to 8.8 and These DNS servers are google’s DNS server, so once done, go ahead and click on the ok button and close this window.

Now, simply rerun the game and check if the issue is totally resolved.

Solution 3: Clear DNS Resolver Cache

This is an additional step. Yes, after changing the DNS server, you have to clear the stored DNS cache on your computer. Since you’ve changed your DNS server, you need to clear the cache on your computer to have the resources take effect immediately.

Meanwhile, to do so, go back to your computer desktop to flush the DNS cache. It is pretty simple, directly go to the start menu and look for the command prompt. Then, right-click on the cmd prompt and click on the run as administrator. Once done, simply type in ipconfig/flush DNS inside the Cmd box and hit the enter key on your keyboard. This will clear all the DNS resolver cache on your windows.

However, once done, you can go ahead and close the cmd window. Then, try launching Valorant, and you notice that the preview solution didn’t work for you. Then, there is another way, follow the next listed steps.

Solution 4: Disable Full-screen Optimization

To fix this timeout error, you need to disable the full-screen optimization on the game. So, to do this, simply right-click the Valorant shortcut icon on your desktop. Then, click on the properties option and go to the compatibility tab. After that, checkmark the checkbox that says disable full-screen optimizations and make sure that it runs as administrator. Then, click on the Apply button followed by the Ok button. Once done, go ahead and try relaunching the Valorant game. This time hopefully, the timeout error no longer appears on your screen after doing everything.

But, if you’re still stuck with the Valorant timeout error. Then, you may try the next potential fix listed below.

Solution 4: Disable Windows Firewall

You can also try disabling your windows firewall to see if this is causing this particular issue. To do so, simply go back to your desktop. Then, head towards the start menu and look for windows firewall and open it. After that, under the turn windows defender firewall On or Off tab. You need to simply click on that and make sure that the firewall is turned off on both the private and public network settings. 

We recommend disabling this one particular to test if this is the one that’s causing this specific issue on Valorant. However, once done, hit the ok button and close this window. Then, check if the timeout error gets resolved or not.

Solution 5: Disable/Uninstall Overclocking apps

This is the final solution that we have for you to fix this issue. If you are using any overclocking application. Then, we recommend you disable the overclocking apps, such as gigabyte overclocking apps, as mentioned by riot blue Monday on Reddit. 

Key Outlooks

If everything still fails and won’t help you fix the timeout error. Then, delete the game anyway; just kidding. Well, we recommend you can try reinstalling the game at this point, so hopefully, gain something on this article. Furthermore, feel free to leave your question and doubts in the comment section. Also, tell us whether or not you’ve managed to fix the Valorant timeout error or time out something unusual has happened on your computer. Also, check our website regularly to update yourself with this fast-growing gaming world.

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