Fix Valheim Blocked From Dungeon Message or Bug


Valheim is a trending game among a number of young PC players and has captured the steam platform in the meantime. Meanwhile, reports are appreciable furthermore shocking since Valheim has sold more than 6 million copies in a calendar month which is large enough to mark the success of the developers.

Multiple resources unlike Iron can only be made available in the game’s early stages by looting these dungeons. However, the chances are high enough that the players of Valheim may not be able to access those dungeons and the players are getting Blocked from the Dungeon message. If you’re one of them then you have reached your destination. Stick with this article and you will get the alternatives for “Valheim Blocked from Dungeon Message or Bug”.

Fix: Valheim Blocked From Dungeon Message or Bug

First Trial

First of all, check whether you’re having the Swamp key or not because you won’t be able to access Sunken Crypt without that. Swamp key is one of the necessary items required to unlock the Sunken Crypt and various dungeons in the biome.

The Swamp key is dropped by the boss when assassinated, and this means you need to fight with and defeat him to get the key. Moreover, you will find the boss in the Black Forest named The Elder. Thus, trying to unlock Sunken Crypt without the Swamp key will lead to the error message “Valheim Blocked from Dungeon Message or Bug.”

However, many players face the same error message while having the key that proves the bug. Hence Valheim’s developer will fix the bug in the next update.

Second Trial

Server lag can also intimate the same message in the world of Valheim. You don’t have much to do with this because it is related to the server. However, you can make efforts to fix this, and if you are lucky, you will surely come out of this bug.

Try restarting your server, and plead from god for not to trigger the bug in this attempt. However, lucky ones are resolving this issue by simply restarting. You can also give it a try, it may work for you.

Final Trial

There are possibilities of other roots of this error. If you jump directly to Sunken Crypt, post launching the game, then also the error may flash on your screen. To fix this, you need not jump immediately after restarting the server.

First of all, restart the server then try other modes of the game or do any other activity. What you need to keep in mind is, you need to kill time before reaching Sunken Crypt. After some time, come back to the Crypt and try to unlock it with the key.

Hurray..! you made it Champ!..

Further, there is nothing much to try on because it is related to the server and very soon the bug will be fixed by the developers. That’s all you need to apply for the fix of the dungeon blocked message. Visit this page on a regular interval for more exciting and informative stuff; bookmark our guide, The Gaming Book

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