Fix: PS5 Error Code Ce-107891-6| Can’t Start The Game or App


Currently, the gaming market is on a boom. Players interact with others players worldwide. However, there are many gaming consoles available in the market with great specs using which you can able to play various games. However, PS5 is one of them. Sony Entertainment’s Playstation 5 delivers a truly next-gen experience. But, unfortunately for the last couple of days, they face some unwanted error code Ce-107891-6 and can’t able to start the game or app.

Nevertheless, when TheGamingBook team narrows down this error, we find that users usually encounter this error whenever they attempt to launch games and apps. Now, why this occurs? How to fix this? All questions answers you will get right here in this guide. So, without further ado, let’s head towards the troubleshooting guide.

How to fix PS5 Error Code Ce-107891-6

As per our investigation report, we find that this error occurs when a game file doesn’t properly copy from your external hard drive to your PS5’s internal SSD. So, every PS5 owner who suffers from this has a question in their mind that is there any fix available to fix this error code?

Nobody wants to suffer from errors and bugs while playing their favorite games. But, especially when we have a nex-gen gaming console like PS5, yes, this is quite frustrating and annoying as well. Error code Ce-107891-6 is one of the issues that PS5 users are currently encountering in their new console. However, this issue generally occurs whenever we are attempting to run an app or game on the new PS5. But, unfortunately, the console unable to do so and pop-ups a message on the monitor screen that it “can’t start the game or app.” It is so evident that why peoples are in search of a permanent solution to this error code.

There is no official listing of this error code on Sony PlayStation’s official website. This directly means that currently, the official didn’t consider this error. But, when our TheGamingBook team examine this error on the PlayStation 5, this code CE-107891-6 has usually occurred when we are trying to run the Death Stranding game. Luckily, this error nothing to do with or affect the other application or games file. But, according to our team this the CE-107891-6 error is likely to caused due to compatibility issues, and developers could only fix this with a patch update.

However, it might be possible that the error code CE-107891-6 is exclusive to  Death Stranding on PS5. There are no official positive signs when Sony starts working on this error or fixing this error. But, you do not need to worry! If there is any information on the PS5 CE-107891-6 error coming out, we will keep everyone updated right here in this article.

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s all we have for you regarding this error. You can also follow our website for regular updates. Further, if you have any doubt or queries, let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned with this article, as when we get any info further, we will first notify you.

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