Fix: Apex Legends: Stuck on Starting Server Loop

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is in the trends nowadays, especially when it comes to graphics and gameplay. It is a first-person shooter game based on the trending battle royale genre. However, if we talk about online games, the bugs and errors deplete the player’s gaming experience. In Apex Legends, soon after the launch of season 8, players are facing and battling against multiple types of bugs in the game. It’s almost a couple of years since Respawn Entertainment had launched their beloved Apex Legends.

A wide number of bugs don’t break the game in the middle. But you can’t deny the fact that few of them block the user from entering into the game. As I was going through Reddit forums in my meantime, I found threads reported with the issue of Apex Legends stuck on Starting Server Loop. Many players are being encountered with the same problem of Apex Legends stuck on starting server loop. If you are among them, keep your attentive eye on this page and keep scrolling to know more about it.

Apex Legends: Stuck on Starting Server Loop

Apex Legends is counted in the great games for the first-person shooter genre. However, it doesn’t certify that Apex Legends is perfect. In online server-based gaming, no matter how good a game is, at any instance, something comes up on the front, causing issues for the players, and some bugs can ruin their in-game carrier.

For Apex legends, the most irritating issue at present is “stuck on starting server loop.” This error directs the user to wait for a long time and still not to join a game. That’s really frustrating for players.

A number of players have reported that whenever they try to start a new battle royale game, it keeps on showing trying to matchmake on display. It appears on the screen continuously for a long time and ends up without entering into the game.

The developers are continuously working to resolve the issue. However, if the problem is related to the server, you don’t have much to do with it. Anyways, you can track it out by the social handles of the developers. A good way is to navigate on Twitter.

Moreover, if the issue isn’t related to the server and the fault is on your end, then follow the steps mentioned below to fix the problem:

Fix: Apex Legends: Stuck on Starting Server Loop

Here we have come up with some network troubleshooting that will help you in resolving the issue.

  • Instead of a wireless internet connection, switch to a wired connection like Ethernet Cable, MoCA, Powerline, or USB tethering.
  • Suppose you are playing with the use of a console such as PS4 or Xbox, clear cache, and hard reset the console. If you are playing on PC, try playing after a reboot.
  • Try if resetting the internet router works for you.

Unfortunately, if a wired internet connection is not an option, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Change the channel on your wireless router; to be more accurate, try the least used one among them.
  • Try to switch it from 2.4GHz to 5GHz or vice versa.
  • For good signal strength, place the router nearby the console or PC, and there is no blockage by any wall or other obstacles that may block the WiFi signals.
  • Try to adjust the antennae of the router for the best signal strength.
  • You may try to change the network connection. If you’re using your WiFi then try to switch it to your mobile internet connection.
  • Try to make a separate connection to play your Apex Legends, and no other device is connected with the same mobile’s hotspot.
  • Check if you are using the latest hardware as well as firmware. If not, then update it to the newest version.
  • Contact your ISP and make sure the network equipment like cables, modems, routers, switches, etc. everything is up to date and working fine as intended.
  • Make sure that your NAT type is Open.
  • If necessary, call your ISP for help with the issue.

Bottom Line

That’s all! We are having for you on Fix: Stuck on Starting Server Loop in Apex Legends. Further, you can use our comments option to clear your doubts as well as queries. If you wish to know more interesting facts regarding gaming, visit our website regularly, there’s much more unexplained in the game. Still, our gaming guides, The Gaming Book, have covered everything that will make things super easy for you.

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