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Apex Legends

An astonishing battle royale that advances the formula of its cake and brings a fresh start to the battle royale genre. The gameplay is usually clean when playing and is very fast-paced in regards to movement. Developers are constantly adding new and enjoyable features such as duos and LTM’s such as Fight or Fright and the Winter Express with unique legend and weapon skins. The only thing about this game that is annoying is the servers and bugs that prevent you from playing this game.

Recently, in the Reddit forum, many players are reporting that they are stuck in an infinite loading screen while trying to run the game and asking for some solutions to fix this issue. This brought us to a conclusion, and we have decided to bring up a guide. In which we will describe to you how to fix the Apex Legends Infinite Loading screen issue. So, stay tuned with this article till the end in order to get all the information related to fixing this error.

How to Fix Apex Legends Infinite Loading Screen

Fixing the Apex Legends Infinite Loading Screen issue isn’t a challenging task. You just need to follow the simple troubleshooting steps given below in order to fix this out: 

Solution 1: Restart You 

Before doing anything, you can try these universal steps to fix the stuck-in infinite loading screen issue. Yes, many players are reported that this issue is resolved just by rerunning the game again on their device. Follow the steps given below in order to fix the infinite loading screen in Apex Legends:

  1. When you’re stuck on the loading screen, open Task Manager.
  2. In the Task Manager, select every “Steam Client WebHelper” and click the “End Task” button.
  3. Exit Task Manager.
  4. Reload your Steam.
  5. Launch Apex Legends and wait for it to load.

That’s it. Now, check if the loading screen loop in Apex Legends gets fixed or not.

Solution 2: Verify Game File Integrity

The first step is just to open steam and then go to your installed game library. After that, locate Apex Legends and right-click on it. Now, from the drop-down menu, go to properties. Then, click on the Local files. Now, there you will see many options. Next, you need to click on Validate integrity of the game files.

In the meantime, what this does is check for incomplete or corrupted data in your Apex files and clean them. However, this won’t take long; it will just take a minute or two. Once it’s done, you’ll see this message saying that All files are successfully Validated, so just close the dialogue box. After that, open the game and check if the issue infinite loading screen gets fixed or not. 

Solution 3: Update Your Windows

This is the last step that is quite basic. Yes, sometimes you see the error might also be occurring because your windows version might be out of date. So, you might be needing an update. You can simply type updates in the windows search box. Then, click on check for updates. Now, if there is any update available, make sure that you download and install it. However, do not forget to restart your pc once you install the required update.

Solution 4: Use Network Settings

You can disconnect and reconnect from the internet on your PS4 or PS5. To do so, press and hold the PlayStation button. Then, go back to the home menu, scroll up, and click on settings. Then, go down to the network. After that, select network and uncheck the first option to connect to the internet. This step is to disconnect you from the internet. Now, wait about five to ten seconds. Then, checkmark the box again. 

Now, switch back over to Apex legends and see if it’s still in that infinite load screen. However, this will appear when you go back to the game. But, when you press X to reconnect to the game, your game will start loading, and you will again begin to enjoy your game without any error.

Solution 5: Flush DNS

You can also try this method to fix the issue. To do so, simply run cmd as administrator and type in command ipconfig/ flashdns, and press enter. This will remove the old cache in the background. After that, open steam and run the game, and hopefully, you will get to the lobby successfully without getting stuck in an infinite loading screen.

Solution 6: Contact Respawn

However, if you find no other user’s experience and report this error, then it clearly means that this is only occurring in your device, and you can’t seem to fix it by applying the methods on our list. So, instead, you’ll need to contact Respawn. Simply raise your ticket and ask them to help you fix this particular error.


Apex legends are, by far, in my opinion, the best battle royale game that is free and, in general, for real. The game has evolved so much since the beginning, and it’s for the better. The only thing negative about this game is the various bugs that it contains and needs to be polished to make the gameplay smoother. However, you can rely on the above fixing guide to get rid of the infinite loading screen issue in Apex Legends.

Anyways, that’s all we have that you need to know about fixing this error. We are assuming that you can now successfully fix the infinite loading screen loop error. If you have any doubt, reach us in the comment section. Further, visit our website regularly and update yourself with the gaming world.

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