How to Farm Elder Dragon Bone in Monster Hunter Rise

Suppose you’ve finally hunted all of the monsters in High Rank and are a Monster Hunter Rise elite. It’s time to start looking for and collecting some of the game’s rarest tools, as well as crafting some of the game’s genuinely most advanced weapons and armor. Those crafts will often necessitate the uncommon Elder Dragon Bone, which we’ll go through in this guide.

Even among High Rank crafting materials, the Elder Dragon Bone is uncommon. However, you can only obtain it through a specific quest. If you haven’t already completed the very last High Rank quests, you should do so before attempting this difficult mission.

Simply go through this page for everything you need to know about earning the Elder Dragon Bone and prepare yourself for a difficult task in MH Rise. This will become a must-have item, but only for the most advanced gear.

How to Farm Elder Dragon Bone in Monster Hunter Rise

The Elder Dragon Bone is a bone from an Elder Dragon, but you won’t be able to get it by carving either of MHR’s two Elder Dragons, Thunder Serpent Narwa, or Wind Serpent Ibushi. Regardless of your rank, search, or position, this bone is not contained in Bonepiles. Instead, this valuable resource is only available as a Quest Reward.

The result of a Quest Reward is set in stone and cannot be changed. You can’t change the outcome of the rewards, so you can’t farm the Elder Dragon Bone faster than one per quest completion if you’re lucky, and indeed. Despite the fact that there are two Elder Dragons, only one quest offers it as a reward.

The Elder Dragon Bone can only be obtained by completing the Serpent Goddess of Thunder seven-star High Rank Hub quest. It requires you to defeat the game’s true final boss, Thunder Serpent Narwa. Even so, there’s no guarantee that completing this quest will result in you receiving an Elder Dragon Bone, but it’s the only way to get one.

Location of the Elder Dragon Bone

Serpent Goddess of Thunder is a 7* Hub Quest that can only be found by completing it. Serpent of Thunder Narwa is a Thunder dragon, as you might guess from the name, so you should be prepared for that aspect if you want to farm this quest. Dragon is Narwa’s primary weakness, followed by Ice. 

You would be able to defeat Narwa if you already have a strong Dragon or Ice weapon and plan, as well as Thunder resistant armor. It’s even simpler if you’re using the Join Request method to join other players.

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