How to Craft Padded Armor in Valheim

In Valheim, armors are a great deal; they safeguard you from the creatures, furthermore saving you from nature itself. The padded armor set is one of the best armor available in the Early Access version of Valheim. If you wish to craft it, be ready with lots of Linen Threads. However, not all the armors are useful to equip. let’s have an example of it; from the attack of a small Deathsquito, your Iron armor can’t protect you.

However, in the world of Valheim two best armor sets in which the first one is the Wolf Armor, are made from Wolf Pelt, and they are found to be very useful in the freezing temperatures of the Mountain biome. The second being the Padded Armor set and is primarily made from the Linen Thread. All that said if you are in search of the best armor in the Valheim, neither look left nor right get straight to the Padded Armor. The padded armor is ranked as the seventh tier of armor available in the realm of Valheim. The Padded is the direct upgrade from the Wolf Armor set. Here’s how to craft Padded Armor set in the realm of Valheim.

How to Craft Padded Armor in valheim?

To craft the Padded Armor Set in Valheim, you need to mix up Iron and Linen thread to make a Padded helmet, Padded greaves, and Padded Cuirass. This Padded armor is listed as the 7th tier armor in the game after Rag, Leather, Troll, Bronze, Iron, and the Wolf Armor. Collect the following ingredients in order to craft the Padded Armor Set:

  • Padded Greaves will cost you- 20 x Linen Thread and 10 x Iron.
  • The padded helmet will require- 15 x Linen Thread and 10 x Iron.
  •  Padded Cuirass will be worth- 20 x Linen Thread and 10 x Iron.
  • Linen Cape will need- 20 x Linen Thread and 1 x Silver.

For crafting the Cape, you will need a Workbench, while the Greaves, Helmet, and the Cuirass can be made in a Forge. So, you will necessitate 75 Linen Threads, 30 Iron, and 1 Silver to craft the entire set in the Forge. Further, you will need to enhance your Forge to unlock certain items. To get4 it, the user needs to conquer Moder, the fourth boss in the realm of Valheim, and to make the Artesians table, use the Dragon Tears she drops. However, the player can create a Spinning Wheel with the help of the crafting station. Further, to craft the Spinning Wheel, you will require 20 x Fine Wood, 10 x Iron Nails, and 5 x Leather Scraps.

Steps to Craft Padded Armor

Let’s focus on the procedure required to craft the Padded Armor in Valheim:

  • Beat the Elder, second boss in Valhein, to obtain Iron.
  • In the Muddy Scrap Piles below the ground, find the Scrap Iron using the Wishbone.
  • Make a stack of 30 Iron using a Smelter.
  • Craft Artisans Table, using Dragon tear. Dragon tear will be spawned after defeating Moder, the fourth boss in the realm of Valheim.
  • Artisans Tabe will unlock the Blast furnace, Spinning Wheel, and Windmill.
  • Craft and place the Spinning Wheel. This converts the Flax into the Linen thread.
  • Now the next step is to enter into the Plains biome.
  • You can locate the Flax around Fuling camps and in this biome.
  •  Using the Flax on the spinning wheel to manufacture Linen thread.
  • Move to the Forge, as soon as you have accumulated 55 Linen threads.
  • Hurrah! Now you can craft all the parts of the armor.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, you have got all the information needed to craft the Padded Armor in the realm of Valheim. However, if you don’t have any information related to the fourth boss ‘Moder,’ you are requested to go through our recent articles related to Valheim. You can comment down in the chatbox about your experience, or you can ask your doubts too. We are eagerly waiting for you. You will find the alternatives for all of your queries.

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