How to Craft Frostner in Valheim

You will be plundered for choice when it comes to weapons in the world of Valheim. But, you’ll need to choose a weapon wisely against a particular mob type. Every weapon in the game has advantages as well as disadvantages. Each weapon will have different characteristics that make them unique such as having a special move that deals with bonus damage to certain enemy types like blunt weapons build-up of Iron are effective against the final boss.

The Frostner is one of the most powerful weapons of the Valheim; it is a one-handed weapon that holds well against enemies while equipping a shield in the other hand for defense. Frostner proves to be a great weapon against the dead-type enemies having Frost’s properties. So, we are hiring a guide to know all about Frostner; further, if you wish to know how to craft Frostner in the world of Valheim, then you have to stick to this guide and read through entirely.  

How to Craft Frostner in Valheim

If you wish to craft the Frostner in Valheim, then you will need to get your hands on Ymir’s Flesh, and once you have the flesh, you will unlock the recipe to craft Frostner. You need to obtain Ymir from the trader named Haldor because you can’t find it anywhere else. Further, you have to investigate the Black Forest to locate the trader and then proceed with the purchase using 120 Gold Coins.

However, still, you need to collect items such as Silver, Ymir’s Flesh, Ancient Bark, and Freeze Glands to craft this weapon. The next step is straightforward, accumulate all the resources required to make the frost hammer, and then you will need to combine and craft it. The list of the ingredients that you will need for Frostner includes:

  • Silver x 30
  • Ymir’s Flesh x 5
  • Ancient Bark x 10
  • Freeze Gland x 5

Ymir flesh is the rarest item to be found among the resources, and it doesn’t drop by defeating any boss. Once you have got all these items, carry them to the workbench to craft the weapon. Firstly, you have to upgrade your workbench to craft it. However, the Frostner has durability worth 200 with Frost 40 and Blunt 35 properties. If you manage to stave off the attack, you will be eligible for a 2x bonus, and you will also get the ability to knock back your enemies.

The ability to knock back enemies will allow you to make some gap between you and find yourself much stronger to defeat them. Further, a bow can be paired well with the secondary weapon; no sooner than the enemies are knocked back, take them down immediately with the help of a bow.

The Bottom Line

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