Fix: Black Ops Cold War “Blackout Trail Has Ended” Error Message

Call of Duty Warzone’s newly added features was broadcasted live on January 6 throughout all platforms, but some Xbox players are still inconvenient to play Black Ops Cold War following it. This newly added feature nerfed overpowered BOCW weapons in Warzone but has reportedly brought back December’s “Blackout Trial Has Ended” error.

After the update had been run administratively in December, when loading the sport, there’s mistakenly a message arising up saying that the Free Trial has ended and you would like to buy the game to play furthermore. The statement goes to call the game a “Blackout Trial” has “ended.” And they have to buy the full-fledged game to get “Blackout, Multiplayer, and Zombies.” Blackout references are, of course, leftover code from Black Ops 4 that happens to have made its route into the Black Ops Cold war game code.

If you’re also one of them, searching for the alternative, then you can follow this guide. Here we are going to provide you the solution.

Fix: Black Ops Cold War “Blackout Trail Has Ended” Error Message

You will be shocked to hear that no official update was available for a permanent fix of this strange tripper error till the time of writing. However, there’s one way by which you can enjoy your game. You will get temporary access to it. The problem was incurred due to a technical issue in the game’s server, because of which the server is unable to read the installed add-ons. So, verify once if you have downloaded and installed all the necessary add-ons required for the game. However, if you don’t know how to check then, Open the menu open in the Dashboard of Xbox and proceed with ‘Manage Game and Add-Ons’ 

If your console predicts and locates less than six add-Ons installed, you need to cross-check the missing piece and download the same. Once the download is finished, Restart your gaming console and launch Black Ops Cold War. If you find no error, then you have done all the steps correctly, and your issue is fixed now.

If the issue persists, then you will need to try the ultimate fix. Delete the game entirely and install the setup again with all the add-Ons perfectly installed.

Fix: Black Ops Cold War “Blackout Trail Has Ended” Error Message in Brief

Alternatively, follow these steps to fix this bug efficiently:-

  • Open your console.
  • Go to “Manage Game & Add-Ons.”
  • Select “Black Ops Cold War.”
  • Check to see the Installed items for Black Ops Cold War.
  • Make sure all items listed there are checked and installed.
  • Restart and run your game after performing the above steps.
  • Hence, your issue is fixed now.

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