How to Build a Windmill in Valheim


Valheim, being the most popular video game on steam right now. Iron Gate AB develops it; it is recognized under Survival Genre. Further, it has a lot of areas to explore, with tons of being a long way from your pre-built bases. Moreover, providing the user to play solo or to have fun in a multiplayer game. Further, while the play proceeds, you will come across a vast collection of amber pearls, gems, and rubies, which can help acquire various recipes.

However, you will commence your journey by hunting for every single resource. Collecting these coins doesn’t unlock any recipes. For this, you will need a trader, and you can exchange your resource with various items available with the trader. As the game progresses, a windmill becomes accessible, and the construction makes progress much more effortless.

How to Build a Windmill in Valheim?

Windmills are one of the precious structures that need to be constructed in order to produce barley flour, and further, Barley flour is used while a number of food items in the realm of Valheim. Lets’s have a look at Building a Windmill in Valheim.

One of the main factors why Valheim is fascinating the number of players is their easy yet effective building mechanics. However, Windmill isn’t available for a newbie or at the beginning of the game. The Windmill is available for construction only after defeating the fourth boss, Moder, in the Mountains biome of the Valheim.

The one and only technique to transform your barley into barley flour are through the Windmill, so it’s really profitable to get your hands on. Moreover, you can craft various health-restoring dishes such as fish wraps and blood pudding using Vikings’ kitchen. Go through the whole article to find out the ways to craft the Windmill.

Crafting Windmills in Valheim

First of all, you need to head towards the Mountain biome to build a Windmill. You are asked to do so because Windmill can only be crafted after killing the dragon boss, Moder, found only in the Mountain biome. After that, you need to search for three dragon eggs, proceed with putting them on alter, and you may spread all over the biome, the reason being is to trigger the boss for a fight.

The dragon eggs are heavy enough, so don’t forget to bring your friends to help you while carrying those eggs. It will be easy for you to fight with the boss and your friends for your upper hand, so you can easily hit two targets with a single bow. Moder drops loot on defeat, the dragon tear, an essential ingredient for crafting an Artisan Table. Artisan table will authorize you the powers to craft multiple valuable structures such as Spinning Wheel, blast furnace, and most significantly, the Windmills.

Ingredients to build Windmills in Valheim

Viking warriors have gone through heavy losses, healthwise while fighting against the Moder. So they will require a healthy meal to recover their health. Before beginning to craft the Windmill, you will need to gather all the ingredients in the required number as following:

  • Iron Nails x 30
  • Wood x 30
  • Stone x 20

Soon after collecting the above items, you need to install the newly built Artisan table within reach. It is vital to keep the artisan table in the neighborhood because crafting the Windmills is almost impossible without that. Besides, you can remove the artisan table after finishing the construction of the Windmills.

You must be aware of certain things prior to crafting the Windmills at any location. In the starting, Windmills take a lot of areas, so make sure you install them at a certain place that is open, not being congested. Additionally, the area should have proper wind velocity because the name suggests that Windmills will need strong air for their productivity. In order to increase the efficiency of the Windmills, place them where the wind velocity is maximum because, at that place, the barley would be transformed at a great rate. Windmills need to be installed in the Player’s nearby home base from the eye of safety.

It is advisable to place those Windmills in a clear open field where the wind speed would be moderately good. You may cut down several trees if it is required to make a suitable location for the proper conduct of the Windmill.

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