Biomutant Mekton Upgrades: All Wrekbox Location

In a world of cut and paste RPGs, Biomutant stands out on its own in a fantastic way. This game has everything that a gamer had hoped it would be. In addition, there is an incredible amount of combat in the game that keeps you engaging at all times. Now, when we are talking about battle, then Mekton plays a vital role in this.

However, to make your Mekton more powerful, you need to upgrade it from time to time in the game. But, to upgrade your Mekton, you need to find out the Wrekbox location. And we have found that most of the gamers find it difficult to locate the Wrekbox in the Biomutant map. So, we are here with all Mount Locations in Biomutant. This walkthrough will show you the location of all the Mounts in Biomutant. You can find these from Trade Dealers, Side Quests, Main Missions, and out in the Open World. So, just stay tuned with this guide till the end.


Biomutant Mekton Upgrades: All Wrekbox Location

Well, finding these Wrekbox isn’t an easy task to do. You have to focus on the game to find them as these Wrekbox spread randomly on the game’s biome. Now, why these Wrekboxes are essential? Wrekboxes are essential because they contain a few random parts that you can use to upgrade your Mekton. These specific parts are as follows:

  1. Head
  2. Back
  3. Torso
  4. Shoulders
  5. Abdomen
  6. Feets
  7. Legs

But, keep in mind that there no assurance that which particular part you get from which Wrekbox. Nevertheless, you need to unlock these parts by finding and opening all the 14 Wrekboxes. Luckily, the majority of them aren’t difficult to find. But, unfortunately, it is hard to speculate these locations on the map alone. Don’t worry! We are here to help you find them. So, let’s see how to find them.

All Mekton Wrekbox Location in Biomutant

These are scattered all over the map in Biomutant, normally they were found in the dangerous areas. But, out of 14, there are five Wrekbox that you can get if you unlock the hammer time achievement.


You will get your first Wrekbox in the south of Fluff Hulk Nest in Sector 3E. You will find this Wrekbox after conquer in the Skronk Salvage quest. But, make sure not to asphyxiated out in the wastes.


To get your second Wrekbox into the Deadzone that might be sitting exposed north side in the Citiscenario Sector 6C.


Well, this is the next Wrekbox that you can find out the outside of the Fuoho building under the parking lot, which is located on the south side of Munchouse in sector 6C.


If you get the above Wrekbox, then this is not too far from the previous two. Yes, this is hanging out in the Bangshelter 7B area. But, keep in mind that this time it is found indoors. So, look for it inside the Bangshelter itself.


This is the next Wrekbox that you can find in the west of Bangshelter 7B over the Brickbrack 7B. But, once you reach there, you need to abandon your Mekton and use the stairs and find it.


Now, once you get the previous boxes, you can head towards the Shopperia 7A and find your next Wrekbox near the destroyed wall. But, keep your eyes on your enemies because it is one of the dangerous areas in Biomutant.


Getting this is relatively easy because you will find this sitting inside a completely destroyed building somewhere in Brickbrack 7C. However, you have to make sure that you do not miss it as there’s nothing else in the area.


This is found near the Grottu southwest of Bionucleus 8C. You will easily get it inside a cave. But beware of some high-level enemies.


It is a little bit easier to get compared to others. Yes, you’ll get it in the middle of the road directly sitting outside the Bio nucleus 8C. However, the main twist is it is the area that is irradiated that spells destruction for players- especially when you do not have any healing item on your hand.


This is found in the same place as the Wrekbox 9. Yes, you heard it right! You can locate the Wrekbox 10 somewhere outside of Bio Nucleus 8C near the partially demolished building located in ruins northeast of the reactor.


In my opinion, this is the most well-guarded Wrekbox out there in Biomutant. But easily found within the Shop-Shop 8B. However, it is not that hard to get. But, there’s a catch. Yes, to get this, you need to fend off some hostiles or a group of hostiles in order to reach towards it.


Now, the most challenging Wrekbox to find, or we say obtain. It is found somewhere near the Holesome. Meanwhile, the marker in the map directs you close to the Plank-Place, but you will get the actual box underground. However, to reach towards it, you need to hover over to the Plank-Place. After that, there you must have to look for a building or house that has stairs leading downstairs.


You’ll get this Wrekbox inside the Fluff hulk Nest located in Sector 3G. Interestingly, you will have to fight and defeat the Fluff Hulk inside this place.


This is our final and last Wrekbox that is sitting out in an open area somewhere in Pokburr. Now, you might wonder where you’ll get the Pokburr; well, it is found on a small island in Surfipelago Sector 3D.

Hopefully, you followed the guide carefully. Now, if you carefully follow the guide, then surely you are now able to get the Wrekboxes that are spread out there in the Biomutant map. So, what are you waiting for? Go and track down each of them and upgrade your Mekton. That’s it for this guide. We will come back with some latest news and updates regarding gaming; until then, you can check our website. Also, if you have any doubt regarding this topic, feel free to express your problems in the comment box below.


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