Best Seed to Find Haldor in Valheim


A number of players are wondering where to find the elusive trader while making their way through Valheim, and the most asked query in our recent guide is the best seed to find out the merchant in Valheim. Today we will go through the seeds that you will find helpful while searching the Haldor (merchant in Valheim), the one person in the world of Valheim who can provide you the rarest items in the game with the exchange of some bucks like gold coins, amber, red gems, or pearls.

However, locating Haldor isn’t an easy job. The map of Valheim is generated routinely, whereas you will find the Haldor only in the Black Forest biome, but the map of everyone is not the same, there’s a slight difference. So it’s quite tough to guess the trader’s exact location (probably he’s near the vicinity of the Second boss of Valheim, The Elder).

If you are having trouble locating him, here we are going to cover some methods to approach Haldor in an easy way.

Best Seed to Find Haldor in Valheim

Valheim is quite interesting and is found to be one of the best games for your leisure time. Further, it delivers a unique experience to its users after launching the game. However, for your ease, the developers have provided a specific seed to locate the trader easily. Now what you need to do is type the seed code 42069lolxd with the help of your keyboard and get into the world of Valheim. Yes, these works proceed by going in the south-east direction from the spawning location and getting to the coast. After entering into the Black Forest, you can easily detect the merchant, Haldor, nearby.

As you are getting into the Black Forest biome, you should not forget about the enemies. You are likely to encounter Greylings along with a number of animals in your way, so be prepared and equip the best weapon from the entire list of weapons provided in the article “Valheim Weapon Tier List | Best Weapons Ranked” in order to defeat them if encountered.

Voila! You have found the Haldor; now you can purchase very rare as well as useful items from him, For instance, Ymir’s Flesh, Fishing Bait, Yule Hat, Fishing Rod, Megingjord, and Dverger Circlet. Ymir’s Flesh is among the most hunted times in the world of Valheim; the reason being is the Iron Sledgehammer can be crafted using it.

Other items are also useful in the world of Valheim, and you can check out the entire list. Like if we talk about Dverger Circlet, that will help you while wandering at night by making things visible in the dark, and if you want to carry more than the Megingjord will help you in increasing your carry limit drastically. This is a great solution, but not the only one.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, you are now familiar with the Seed to Find Haldor in Valheim. The player must know the fact that this is not only the solution to find the Haldor. However, if you wish to know other ways to spawn the merchant, then go through our recent guide, and you will get all the information to find the Haldor in Valheim. Moreover, you can comment down your doubts or queries if you can still not locate the merchant, and your favorite guide will gladly reply to you with an alternative.

We hope you enjoyed reading it and find it useful. Furthermore, you can check out our page for gaming kinds of stuff as well as weapons spawning list of Valheim and much more. Don’t forget to bookmark your favorite guide TheGamingBook.

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