Best Moveset For Feraligatr in Pokémon Go

Everyone has owned a choice of their favorite Pokémon, but most of the Pokémon appears nearly throughout Pokémon Go. Feraligatr has never been on one of those Pokémon who have been talked about until now. Here, in our latest guide, we will show you how good Feraligatr is if we know the best moveset.

We think you got some hints, what we are going to tell you. Yes, you’re right. Today, We will help you out with the best moveset for the water-type Pokémon Feraligatr in Pokémon Go right at your doorstep with ease and fun. Although this means it won’t be a secret anymore, we think this provides the necessary coverage that you are looking for.

Best Moveset For Feraligatr in Pokémon Go

It is a type of Pokémon that generally weak to electric and grass-type moves, but surely, they resist the fire, ice, steel, and water-type attacks. With a maximum CP of 2,857, it has 205 attacks, 188 defense, and 198 stamina. If we see the overall stats of Feraligatr, then it has pretty considerable fighting skills.

You can also use the Feraligatr in the Ultra League or even in the Great League because of its strength and moveset. But it relies on how other-teams choose their Pokémon. The following data shows some best Moveset for Feraligatr: –

Fast Moves

Moves Damage Energy
Bite (Dark-type) 4 2
Ice Fang (Ice-type) 8 2.5
Waterfall (Water-type) 12 2.66
Water Gun (Water-type) 3 3

Charge Moves

Moves Damage Energy
Crunch (Dark-type) 70 45
Hydro Cannon (Water-type) 80 40
Hydro Pump (Water-type) 130 75
Ice Beam (Ice-type) 90 55

You’ll have various choices for Feraligatr for its charge and fast moves. Meanwhile, using Feraligatr Pokémon will not help you win every match, but having a mighty one in your collection with the right team can mean victory.

Before heading towards the battle, make sure that your Feraligatr knows the water gun for its fast move, and at the same time, if it knows hydro cannon and ice beam for its charge moves, then it will be a solid choice for you.

That’s all we have for you on the best Moveset for Feraligatr in Pokémon Go. We hope this guide helped you.

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