Fix Apex Legends on Switch – Error Code 100 | Unable to Login

Apex Legends, being an online game, encounters occasional errors. However, several players are getting errors like ‘Something went wrong, and the player is unable to log in to the game. Similarly, on the screen of a number of players, the error they find is showing like Apex Legends Code 100 error. Many of us find this very frustrating while the mood is of play.

However, the fix is very simple. In this guide, we are going to discuss the resolution of Error Code 100. What do you need to do? You need to follow the simple methods described in this guide, and you will get the resolution for your issue. Further, this guide will cover “Error Code – 100,” and even if your display shows an error message that says you are “unable to complete EA account sign in.” then you will find your solution here. Let us begin :

Fix Apex Legends on Switch – Error Code 100 | Unable to Login

The Apex Legends Code 100 error is most likely to occur when your internet connection is slow or having issues with your connection. In order to more significant, players get a message “unable to complete EA account sign in.”

None is denying the fact that code 100 is annoying. However, there’s a good in Something bad, i.e., server outages have nothing to do with your hardware or software. Further, you won’t be able to connect to the Apex Legends servers because the server is down itself. You do not have much to do with this because the issue is related to the servers, and you are not authorized to interfere in that. So, the only way to fix the Error Code 100 is to wait for the servers to run as usual.

Another good way to find out whether the servers are down or not is to search on social media such as Twitter. If Something is going on in today’s era, then the best platform is social media for seeking information. However, rumors are also a common threat by these handles. There are possibilities that the developers at EA have planned or scheduled maintenance meanwhile.  

Bottom Line

If you find Apex Legends Code 100 error as a hindrance while signing in to your EA account, don’t panic. The game’s servers are likely to run as usual within some time. So, there is nothing you can do with here; the only option you have is to wait. The issue is for a short span of time and will be sorted soon. At least, you don’t have to struggle with any settings. Just Hope for the sever to return into effect, and you all can log in again and get back to enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

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