Apex Legends ‘Server Received Bad Player Data’ Error Fix (2021)

Apex Legends

Are you also getting in trouble while connecting to the server and playing online in Apex Legends? Well, all thanks to Apex Legends “server received bad player data” error. Although Apex Legends is a great battle royale game for both casual and hardcore players, unfortunately, the game might fade into fuzziness when the time comes, but this serves as a stepping stone for Respawn. However, to keep improving the reputation among the community, developers need to polish this type of errors. Unfortunately, the server received bad player data that might occur when you attempt to access the lobby window before entering a match.

Sadly, but there are not many fixes available from the users end as this is an issue generated from the server’s end. But, luckily we have gathered some really effective solutions for you to fix this annoying error. So, you just need to follow the guide step by step carefully in sequence and check which method worked for you.

Fix: Apex Legends ‘Server Received Bad Player Data’ Error

Before we are heading towards the complex troubleshooting steps, let us first know about this error. Apex Legends server received bad player data bug is really frustrating, and it seems that the problem lies with the client end. But unfortunately, you cannot be able to edit or change your game data. 

Solution 1: Update Your Game

As we always mention, restarting has the potential to fix the temporary bugs and glitches present in the software to make the gaming experience smooth and exciting. So, you can first try rebooting your device. Then check if there are any patch updates available for your Apex Legends game. However, after checking if you find that there is an update available. Then, we recommend you immediately download and install it. 

Don’t worry! It will not be going to clear your game data. This is just to fix several performance-related errors or bugs. Meanwhile, when you have successfully updated your game, make sure to close the game completely, and after rebooting your device, try rerunning it.

Solution 2: Check Server Status

Suppose your game is running on the latest patch available on the internet. In that case, we recommend you check once the official Twitter handle of EA Help or Apex Legends Twitter handles. And see if there is any service maintenance issue from the server’s end. 

In the meantime, if you found that server connectivity or technical issue is happening from the server’s end. Then other than waiting, you do not have any other option.

Solution 3: Troubleshoot your Network

To troubleshoot your network, you have to first restart your gaming device along with your Wi-Fi router/modem. After that, simply check if the issue gets resolved or not.

However, you can also try restarting your Wi-Fi connection or changed it to the wired connection (ethernet cable) if possible. Then, check if it helps or not. You can also try using a mobile hotspot instead of your Wi-Fi network if possible.

Solution 4: Power Cycle PC/Console

If these methods don’t work for you, you can try power cycling your gaming device. This will clear out all the temporary cache files stored on your device.

  • First of all, you have to close the Apex Legends game and also save if any other work is going on your device.
  • After that, shut down your PC/Console and simply unplug the power cord from the power socket.
  • Now, simply wait for at least 5 minutes before plug back the cable into the power socket.
  • Then, boot up your PC/Console again and launch the Apex Legends game to check if the gets resolved or not.

Solution 5: Uninstall and Reinstall Apex Legends

In the worst case, if the server received bad player data in Apex Legends won’t get fixed even after following the troubleshooting mentioned above steps. Then, we recommend you try reinstalling your game. But, before that, you have to ensure that the game is completely deleted from your device. You can reinstall the game only once it gets uninstalled entirely from your device.

If you are on PC, you can directly do it from your game launchers such as Steam or Origin. Whereas, if you are on a console, go to the digital store and download the Apex Legends. This method will indeed work for you. However, if even after reinstalling the game again on your device, the server received bad player data won’t get disappeared. Then you can simply contact technical support and ask them for further guidance to fix this annoying error.


Since its launch, I have been playing Apex Legends, and the developers have proven to be consistently excellent and innovative throughout everything they’ve released so far. But, nowadays, several bugs and glitches bother the gamers like me and force us to uninstall the game. Well, seeing a great game like this is very disheartening. But, luckily developers are assured that they are continuously and try to fix each error permanently to provide seamless gameplay to their users.

However, until they provide some effective fixes, you can rely on the above troubleshooting fixes if you face the server receives bad player data. Anyway, that is for this article. We hope that this guide is beneficial for you and now able to fix this particular issue. Further, if have any doubt, you can reach us in the comment section. Also, if you want to read more such great articles, visit our website regularly.

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