Fix: Apex Legend: Stuck on Starting Server Loop

Apex Legends

Apex Legend is a highly-rated battle royal game available on various platforms like PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is the most-liked and played game all around the world due to its unique features, Competitiveness, marvellous graphics, and many more. Most importantly, it is free to play for all. Despite its brilliant gameplay, we noticed an issue of stuck on starting of the game while match-making. But not to worry, in this guide, we will tell you how to fix Apex Legend: stuck on starting server loop? To fix this issue here, we will provide you with various methods. So, follow this guide till the end to firmly find the best solution for your problem.

Methods to Fix the Apex Legend: Stuck on Starting Server Loop

There might be various reason why the Apex Legend: stuck on starting server loop. We bring some effective workaround for you, use them and get rid of this server loop error.

Method 1: Try Using a Different Server

Most of the time, most users face server problems; this isn’t very pleasant. However, in this server loop, it is also seen it takes around 15-30 minutes to load, which is a very long time. But, it can be fixed if, before starting the game, we change the server. You can select another server and see if your game will start without stuck into the server loop.

Method 2: Restart the game again 

This is the oldest remedy to solve many game errors. It is an old but gold method and always try to solve the issue. You just have to restart your game again and again about 3-4 times. This will make your game smooth, but after the closure of the game, you have to refresh your desktop screen before restart your game again. Many users reported that, after doing this, their problem would be sorted out. In case if this method does not work, then don’t get disappointed and try the next one.

Method 3: Check your Internet Connection 

This type of error generally occurs if your Internet connection is not stable. However, as we know that this game is entirely dependent on your Internet connectivity; therefore, a single issue will create a significant problem. If you want to stay away from this server loop error, you must first check your device that whether it is connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

Method 4: Use another EA account (For Consoles)

Sometimes, a secondary EA account is worth using because it may cause troublesome issues with your game’s server connection due to account syncing or authentication error. You can use a different EA account to play the game, and if the issue is in your previous EA account, then you will indeed tackle the problem just by Signed in with another EA account of EA.

  1. First of all, you need to launch the games on your Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch.
    • If you are using Google Stadia, then go to the account linking page. Some of the game asks you to log in before starting the game, while other games are prompt to login into EA servers.
  1. After that, fill in your email address and password to register into your EA Account (if prompted).
  2. Wait for EA to verify your credentials. After that, your accounts will be linked to EA.
  3. Now, type your login id and password to log in from your console to the EA server. 

Method 5: Restart your PC

Apex Legend: stuck on starting server loop? Try restarting your device might help you fix it, but keep in mind that this method will not work consistently. It rarely tackles this type of problem. But what goes to give it a try? Many users reported that it also fixed the problem. This is such a simple method; you have to just refresh your screen by pressing Ctrl + F5 and then wait for at least 5 minutes before again run the Apex Legend. Now, your game maybe starts without having any problem.

Method 6: Restart your Internet/Wi-Fi connection

Sometimes due to a bad network connection, it has been seen that most of the apps are unable to load or start crashing. Nevertheless, we have to keep in mind that it is a real-time online game. So, if we do not have a steady internet/Wi-Fi connection, then it is possible that we are unable to play our favourite game. Well, if you’re suffering from poor internet connection problems, it is suggested that you must restart your router or modem. So, follow our recommendation if your game will not start and stuck at the loading screen or stuck in the server loop.

  1. Firstly, you need to unplug the router’s wire its power outlet. But, we do not recommend directly turn it off.
  2. You now need to wait for atleast 30-40 seconds before plug it back into the power outlet.
  3. Now, leave the device for a couple of minutes so that it creates a personal IP address.

Method 7: Disconnect Internet from Lobby Screen

You may try to disconnect the network connection when you are in the loading screen in case you continuously have the server loop error. Disconnecting the internet from the lobby screen may allow you to jump into the game’s lobby screen in some cases. So, you should try to connect to the internet again and all collect the rewards. If you are still facing this error, then don’t worry; just follow the next method.

Method 8: Mail to EA Support Team

Finally, if the methods mentioned above do not work in your case, you have to contact the EA support team via mail or raise a ticket. Tell them about your problem, describe it entirely so that they could understand what issue you’re facing. Please try to write in a brief description in a professional letter format so that they cannot ignore your complaint and focus on it before all other mails.


We understand how disturbing it was when in apex legend, the game’s server would not load or get stuck. But, we will assure you that by following these methods as mentioned above you will surely get your problem sort-out. These all mentioned problems are tried and tested by different players and proven to make your problem fixed. If you have any doubt concerning this error, then without any hesitation, do use our comment box. We will get in touch with you as soon as we get something for you. For more such kind of troubleshooting guide, do check our website regularly. That’s all we have for you on Apex Legend: stuck on starting server loop fix. We hope this guide helped you.

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