All Biomutant Automation Appearances And Locations

All Biomutant Automation Appearances And Locations

Biomutant is really an amazing action-role playing video game. It is basically set up in an open-world environment. Here you need to take control of a mammalian warrior filled with mutated animals. Biomutant is developed by Experiment 101. Besides all, we all know the value of Automaton in the game, and it is the player’s best friend in Biomutant.

Thankfully, players can change their Biomutant Automaton appearances. And also customize the mutated creatures throughout the game. If you don’t know any Biomutant Automaton skins and find them, do not worry. You will find all of them right in this article. You have to just read the article till last.

All Biomutant Automation Appearances And Locations

Well, these all are generally tied with Biomutant Old World Knowledge Questline. It basically makes it possible to find all the Automaton customization options. This mainly involves finding noticeboards, examining them, and then finding the rewards. So, let’s see where to find these.

Biomutant Automaton Appearances List

There is a total of ten different Automaton appearances in Biomutant. Here’s all Biomutant Automaton appearances list.

  • Automaton (Default Appearance): This one is the default appearance. This simply means that you will start the game with this skin only.
  • Smutti Automaton: Automaton 4G is the related quest.
  • Meow Automaton: Automaton 7F is the related quest.
  • Tokik Automaton 
  • Knorl Automaton: Automation 9E is the related quest.
  • Kwak Automaton
  • Muss Automaton
  • Newt Automaton
  • Liz Automaton: Automaton 11G is the related quest.
  • Muka Automaton
  • Bugeye Automaton: Automaton 101 is a related quest.

How to Change Automaton Appearances in Biomutant?

To change Automaton appearances in Biomutant, you have to unlock one of the ten new skin options for the robot. They are collected as part of Old World Knowledge Questline. There are noticeboards everywhere. But luckily, you have to find only 15 to complete the quest.

Unfortunately, quest rewards in this questline are very random. This simply means that players might find hunting Automaton appearances difficult. So, suppose you find the Meow Automaton appearance, which turns the robot into a cat, but you do not want it. So, you have to continue finding the noticeboards and completing the quests until you find the one which you want.

There are a total of 15 noticeboard locations where you will find Automaton appearances. But remember that there are only 10 Automaton appearances to unlock. So, 5 out of 15 noticeboard locations will get the player some different rewards.

How to Find the Noticeboard Locations in Biomutant?

  • Whereabouts, Bricktown: So, After clearing out the Morks, you should go to head upstairs. On the right is your first noticeboards.
  • Whereabouts, Chugyard: This location is to the west of Bricktown. So, follow the path to Murkadorpus Outpost and take the rain. It will lead you to Chugyard.
  • Whereabouts, Suburbia: It is in the northwest of Urfidurf Outpost.
  • Whereabouts, Subnautica Station: Subnautica Station is to the northeast of Bricktown though Noticeboard is on the southeast side.
  • Yerpfields, Surf Hurdle is located to the east of the Urfidurf Outpost, heading towards Roklobok Outpost.
  • Yerpfields, Sparkplant: It is located to the west of the Tree of Life. Though, the noticeboard is situated towards the south end.
  • Yerpfields, Gnoat Farm: This location is next to Noko’s home. Basically, you have to interact with her to find your Automaton skin.
  • Yerpfields, Chudgepot: So, Chudgepot is located southwest of the Lotus Fortress. In the middle of this area, you will find your noticeboard.
  • Kluppy Dunes, Blimpstation: The noticeboard is outside of Blimpstation. And Blimpstation is located at the southern edge of the area.
  • Kluppy Dunes, Sludge Deodarizum: So, You can find this to the west of Blimpstation.
  • Kluppy Dunes, Aerodome: The noticeboard will be on the southeastern side of the northern islands on Kluppy Dunes.
  • Fnackyleaves, Fume Foundry: Fume Foundry is in the radioactive areas southeast of the Pichu Forests. The noticeboard is on the east side of the factory.
  • Fnackyleaves, Surfsurge Factory: You can find this one in the Whiz’s workshop to the north of Molyholy Outpost.
  • Knupstones, Sludgegush Fields: Sludgegush Fields is in the northwest of Netra Fortress.
  • Surfipelago, Manufactorium: Finally, This is the final noticeboard. This is to the southwest of Rokoblok Outpost.

These were only locations. To get the skins, you have to complete some difficult and dangerous trials and quests.


So, these were all Biomutant Automaton appearances and their locations. You must always be careful while finding Automaton skins. The location involves enemies, monsters. You should be prepared for your journey. Take your weapons and all the necessary gears with you.

Well, we can expect more Automaton appearances from developers after some updates. Once new appearances or noticeboards arrive, we will inform and update you. But, till then, find all noticeboard locations. And complete the sidequests to get the Automaton appearance of your choice.

So, what are you waiting for? Start customizing your robots with new appearances and skins. Hopefully, the article was helpful for you. Biomutant is also available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Follow us for more content. You can comment below for further queries.

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